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People Watching and More

People Watching and More  

When I have the opportunity, I enjoy people watching. As I write this, my wife B and I are traveling, so we have lots of folks to watch. It is enjoyable and interesting to me to see just how different, and yet alike we are. When I watch someone walking by, I often begin to think about what might be going on in their lives. Are they stressed, or relatively comfortable? Are they happy in life, and do they have relationships with others that are satisfying and healthy? Are they seeking meaning in life, or have they secured that meaning through Jesus Christ? The problem with people watching and then thinking about what might be happening in their lives is that, too often, we try to make assumptions about their circumstances and feelings, based solely on how they appear to us in the few seconds we see them. Our assumptions could be close to being right, but we would never know until we have spent some time talking with that person. Some find breaking the ice and striking up a conversation with a total stranger to be easy and natural. I would rather sit quietly and wonder.

The folks I tend to wonder about the most are the ones who openly advertise their feelings and beliefs. These walking advertisements may be either positive or negative. The sad thing is, when I see someone projecting a positive message, I tend to wonder if it is sincere. I never question the sincerity of one exhibiting a negative message. Excuse me, but I think my fallen nature is showing.

That is when it occurred to me that I am not alone in people watching. Those people I am watching are also watching me. I wonder what messages people are receiving from me? Honestly, I try not to send any messages. I generally want to blend in and go unnoticed, as best as a man who is 6’ 4”, weighs 225 pounds, and has a shaved head can blend in. But, even trying to blend in sends its own message, and just being my size causes people to notice me. What kind of a vibe do they get from me?

I think some people are just naturally inclined to meet and try to understand others. Our grandson Levi is one who knows no strangers. Our Pastor Joe is excellent at getting to know and understand the lives of those he meets. I am not certain of this, but I suspect that it is due more to choice than natural bent that Joe does this so well. I have seen him doing this, and I observe Joe making mental notes about someone’s name, the names of family members, and their circumstances in life. Joe gently probes to see how he might be able to help this person. This is a very Christ-like ability, developed over a lifetime of loving and caring for his brothers and sisters in the Lord. It gives me hope that, as I grow and mature in Christ, that I can choose to be more like Joe and his example. I do not have to guess what is going on in the lives of those I meet, I can make a choice to introduce myself and begin to let them know I care by showing interest in them. There are even those already around me whom I know, but I have, sadly, shown little interest in their personal lives. Is there ever an example in the Gospels of Jesus having an encounter with someone that he did not take time to show interest in their situation? If our Lord has shown us how to meet people, and our pastor continues to demonstrate by his example, should we not follow their direction? Shouldn’t I? We ought not to just wonder.

~ Hudd ~

Kevin Huddleston is an Elder at Fellowship at Cross Creek Church in Branson, MO